Insulation Pipe

Insulation Pipe

Implementation of standards

  • "High-density polyethylene outer sheath tube buried prefabricated polyurethane foam pipe insulation" CJ / T114-2000
  • "Buried steel pipeline corrosion rigid polyurethane foam insulation technology standards" SY / T0415-1996
  • "Urban heat prefabricated buried steam pipe insulation technical conditions" CJ / T200-2004
  • "Buried prefabricated high temperature insulation" Q / GJY029-1995
  • "Buried steel pipeline corrosion insulation technology standards" GB / T50538-2010

Application areas

Widely used in liquid, gas pipeline network, chemical pipeline insulation works in petroleum, chemical, central heating pipe network, central air conditioning and ventilation pipes, municipal engineering.


  • Highly resistant to corrosion and water capacity, and lower total cost.
  • Low heat loss and save energy.
  • Long life, proper installation and use of the life of the pipe network can reach 30 - 50 years, and very low maintenance costs.
  • Small footprint, fast construction, are environmentally friendly, can reduce the amount of earth excavation for more than 50%, reduce the amount of concrete masonry and civil engineering 90%.

Product storage, transportation, installation Precautions

  • For the pre-buried pipe insulation, it is better to avoid outdoor installation. The protective layer may be an open-air installation of pipes glass steel, galvanized iron, aluminum, platinum and other insulation.
  • The products should be stored cover to avoid sunlight, yellow jacket pipe storage should not exceed three months, black jacket pipe storage should not exceed six months. When stacked pile high should not exceed 2.0mm, DN500 pipe insulation stack should not exceed more than two layers.
  • The products must be dedicated spreader transport loading and unloading and transport vehicles shall not undermine the insulation layer and a protective layer.
  • Common prefabricated polyurethane insulation is suitable for process piping medium temperature of -80 °C ~ 120 °C; Polyisocyanurate uric acid lipid is suitable for process piping medium temperature of -80 °C ~ 150 °C; high temperature pipe insulation prefabricated composite can be designed according to temperature inorganic insulating layer to meet users need.
  • Installation of prefabricated pipe insulation, backfill trench cannot have a hard lump of impurities, to avoid damaging protective layer and the insulation layer, thus affecting the life of the pipeline.

Mending Material

Item Index Test method
Tensile strength (Mpa) Longitudinal≥15,Transverse ≥12 GB1040
Elongation at break(%) Longitudinal ≥400, Transverse ≥300 GB1040
Vicat softening point(°C) ≥90 GB1633
Brittle temperature(°C) ≤-60 GB11116, GB5470
Resistance to environmental stress cracking(F50)(h) ≥1000 GB1842
Breakdown voltage resistance strength(kv/min) ≥30 GB1408
Volume resistivity(Ω.cm) >1×1015 GB1410




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