Our Workforce


Our company adopts the General Manager Responsibility System under the Board of Directors, which is operated according to the modern enterprise management system and has received excellent performance reviews from our domestic and international client.

With simple organization structure and highly trained staff through many years production, our company has gathered excellent pipe producing and manager experience, to become one of the trusted steel pipe manufacturers.




Sino Pipe Pty Ltd specialises in the provision of high quality steel piping with anti-corrosion insulation. Sino Pipe a new joint venture of expertise between Liaoning Hengjiu Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. And Liaoning Northern Steel Pipe Co., Ltd has come to you to provide the highest quality service.

Our piping

Our steel piping has been conferred Det Norske Veritas (DNV) ISO9002 Quality Management System Certified & API 5L Certificate in 1997 and updated in 2000 API 5CT Certification, with all specifications re-audited regularly. With market requirement changing we have made investments in two separate companies specialising in the production of large size steel pipes, separately producing large size ERW, LSAW and SSAW steel pipes.

Pipe specifications

Sino pipe Main product are Petroleum Oil Tubing and Casing Pipe, Petroleum Natural Gas Line Pipe, structure steel pipe, LSAW, SSAW and the plastic end protector match with the steel pipe.

Solvent-free liquid epoxy Coated (buried steel pipeline)

Implementation Standards

Buried steel pipeline solvent-free liquid epoxy coating specification Q / CNPC- GD 0291-2006


Mainly used in transportation of crude oil, refined oil, natural gas and water buried steel pipeline.

Coating grade and requirements


Dry film thickness

Regular grade


Strengthen grade 


 Custom In the case of user requirements, it can increase the level of anti-corrosion paint thickness 

Coating performance indicators

Single-layer fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coated

Implementation standards

  • Steel pipe outer monolayer FBE coating standard SY / T0315-2005
  • CSA standard steel pipe corrosion external fusion bonded epoxy coating CAS245.20-2006 III.


Widely used in oil and gas pipelines, heating pipes, water pipes.

Production process

Pipe inspection →Preheating → Derusting Test Advance → Preheating→ Epoxy powder coating → Cooling stereotypes→ Incision offline→ Ends processing Final test Stacking

FBE outer monolayer coating thickness (SY / T0315-2005)

No Coating Grade Minimum thickness (μm)
1 Regular Grade 300
2 Strengthen Grade 400




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