Coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion steel pipe

Coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion steel pipe

Implementation standard

Buried steel pipeline coal tar epoxy coating technology standard SY / T0447- 1996

The corrosion level and structure



Dry film thickness (mm

Regular level  PrimerFinishFinish Finish   ≥0.30 
Strengthen level   PrimerFinishFinishglass clothfinishFinish  ≥0.40 
Special strengthen level   PrimerFinishFinishglass clothfinishfinishglass cloth、 finishfinish  ≥0.60 



  1. ‘Finish, Glass cloth, Finish’ should coat continuously, also it can be used in place of a layer of glass cloth soaked finish.
  2. Under the harsh corrosive environments or user requirements, the coating may be appropriate to increase the paint layers.




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