2PE/3PE Anti-corrosion Coated

2PE/3PE Anti-corrosion Coated

Implementation standards

  • Buried steel pipeline polyethylene coating technology standard SY / T0413-2002
  • Buried steel pipeline polyethylene coating GB / T23257-2009
  • Australia / New Zealand Standard TM extruded high-density polyethylene pipe external coating AS / NZS 1518: 2002
  • The encapsulation layer polyethylene pipe DIN30670
  • CSA standard steel pipe outside anticorrosion polyethylene coating CAS Z 245.21 -2006


Mainly used in acid and other corrosive ingredient excessive oil and gas pipelines.

3PE production process

When the pipe diameter is less than DN200, using vacuum coating O analog integrated vertical extrusion process, when the pipe diameter is greater than or equal to DN200, the coating is applied using a lateral winding process  


3PE coating thickness:(GB/T23257-2009)

3PE coating performance indicators:(GB/T23257-2009)




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