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Coated Steel Pipes

Generally, the anti-corrosion pipe called anti-corrosion steel pipe which refers embalmed processing technology. It can effectively prevent or slow the steel pipe occurs electro-chemical reactions or corrosion phenomena during transport and using period.

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2PE/3PE Anti-corrosion Coated

Extrusion coating of polyethylene pipe corrosion is divided into two-layer structure and three-layer structure. The underlying of two-layer structure is adhesive and the outer layer is polyethylene; the bottom of three layers is epoxy coating, intermediate is adhesives, surface layer is polyethylene. Epoxy coating in three-layer structure could be a liquid epoxy, or an epoxy powder coating.

3PP Anti-corrosion Coated

China has not been developed 3PP coating industry standards yet, therefore, it is processing the corrosion 3PP as Germany DIN30678 "steel pipe polypropylene coating" standards. 3PP pipeline corrosion coating mainly used for transporting high temperature of the medium, and high temperature of surface, longer duration of sunshine in the desert region.

Coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion steel pipe

The coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion steel pipe is made of epoxy resin and coal tar pitch to filler into anti-corrosion coating on the steel pipe surface, also it is coated with a glass cloth as strengthening, commonly used in the pipe wall corrosion. The thickness is 0.5-1.0mm.

Double FBE Coated

Double epoxy coating is composite coating structure. The anti-corrosion epoxy powder primer and resistance to mechanical damage the surface layer epoxy powder coating film once completed. It possesses a large steel bond strength, good resistance to cathodic stripping performance, wide temperature range, high resistance to mechanical damage strength, no cathodic protection shield, mending wounds make easy to operate and easy to control quality and other advantages.

Insulation Pipe

  • High-density polyethylene outer sheath tube buried prefabricated polyurethane foam pipe insulation is composed of steel, polyurethane rigid foam insulation layer and a high density polyethylene outer sheath tube tightly bound prefabricated pipe.
  • Buried steel pipeline corrosion insulation foam layer is a composite structure consisting of coating, insulation layer and protective layer. Wherein the coating is a hot melt adhesive layer anticorrosion coating means goods which is corrosion resistant; refers foam insulation layer; a protective layer is a layer of polyethylene plastic.
  • Buried prefabricated high temperature pipe insulation is a lightweight porous calcium silicate (referred to as the silicon calcium watts) as insulation, high temperature organic hard foam (referred to as high-temperature foam) for the insulation layer, high-density polyethylene sleeve plus or steel casing wall corrosion waterproof corrosion is protection layer. If it is necessary or needed, it can plus high temperature felt lay drag reduction between the pipe and the insulation layer composites structures buried pipe insulation.

Internal FBE Coated Steel Pipe

Steel pipeline within FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder) coating technology standard SY / T 0442-1997

Internal liquid epoxy Coated Steel Pipe

Steel pipeline internal liquid epoxy coating coating technology implements standard SY / T0457-2000

Single-layer fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coated

FBE outer coating is applied using electrostatic spraying epoxy powder coating, a film. The coating is applied with a simple operation, clean, good impact resistance and bending performance coatings, temperature performance advantages.

Solvent-free liquid epoxy Coated (buried steel pipeline)

Buried steel pipeline solvent-free liquid epoxy coating is the use of airless spray, brush, roller coating, and scratch mode of production.